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OLA Plus

Applicable Terms and Conditions:
Rates listed are based on calls placed through the applicable local access number. Calls made through public telephones can only be made using a local access number. Public telephone fees may apply.

  • A disconnection may occur due to the quality of certain cellular or telephone networks beyond our control.
  • Rates and minutes advertised are subject to change without notice.
  • The applicable fees, charges, and individual calling patterns will affect the advertised minutes.
  • A minimum first minute fee up to a maximum of forty cents applies.
  • A service charge starting at a minimum of zero cents up to a maximum of one dollar and fifty-five cents applies depending on call destination after the fourth minute of call.
  • Please contact customer service at 1.866.875.6374 for greater detail.
  • A ten percent administrative charge applies to the rate per minute after the fourth minute of call.
  • Usage is based on one-minute increments.
  • Liabilities are limited to the value of the card only.

* Maximum minutes (from prompt)

For the most up to date terms, rates & conditions, please refer to posters/flyers available at point of purchase.