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Sangam Plus

Minutes advertised are based on multiple calls made under three minutes from Canada within region of purchase. If intended use is NOT multiple, we have other products that may suit your needs. Please contact customer service at 1-866-523-4545.

If you choose to use this card for calls exceeding three minutes the following charges will apply:
  • A service charge up to a maximum of one dollar and sixty-nine cents applies starting from the third minute of call depending on called destination.
  • An administrative charge of up to a maximum of fifteen percent applies to the rate per minute after the third minute of call.
  • A maintenance fee equal to the face value of the card will be charged 180 days from first use.
  • Usage is based on three-minute increments: For every three minutes of use or less, customer shall be charged for the full three minutes.

Customer is responsible for the following potential charges:
  • Calls made through public telephones can only be made using a local access number. Public telephone fees may apply.
  • Additional charge of one cent per minute for calls placed through an 866 access number from Canada. Additional charge of five cents per minute for calls placed through an 888 access number from USA. Additional charge of fourteen cents per minute for calls placed through an 866 access number from NWTel/Hawaii/Alaska.
  • A disconnection may occur due to the quality of certain cellular or telephone networks beyond our control.
  • Premium rates for certain destinations may apply. For details on rates and dialing instructions please contact customer service.
  • Calls made from cell phones use airtime or may accrue roaming charges when calling from outside your local calling area; please contact your cellular provider for more information.
  • Minutes advertised are subject to change without notice.
  • Please contact customer service at 1-866-523-4545 for greater detail.
  • Liabilities are limited to the value of the card only.
  • This card is non-refundable and has no expiry date.

For the most up to date terms, rates & conditions, please refer to posters/flyers available at point of purchase.